Espacio Salvaje

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Fauna and nature in its purest state

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Discover the Arribes del Duero with us

Nature in Freedom

Espacio Salvaje is a project specialized in nature observation tourism, and created by native people specialized in offering people incredible experiences in nature focused especially on the Arribes del Duero.

With us you will be able to have the Iberian Wolf, the Golden Eagle, Kites,... and an endless number of animals very close in total freedom, and enjoy the most incredible environments of the Arribes del Duero in the Province of Zamora.

You will be able to take routes on foot, by mountain bike, by boat, by paragliding,... through the best environments in the province of Zamora, stay in charming establishments, enjoy the best gastronomic experience in the area, at the same time that you enjoy the nature in complete freedom.

In Espacio Salvaje you will have the peace of mind that we have all the permits and authorizations to carry out our activity, respecting not only the landscape, but also the fauna with which we pay special care.

Aware of the needs we have in the province of Zamora, Espacio Salvaje wants to collaborate with the economic and social development of the province and value all the resources we have that are not only landscape and fauna.

For all this, we encourage you to enjoy with us all the experiences that the environment makes available to us, always with the respect and education that we must give to our most valuable resource, Nature.